Friday, April 29, 2016

Come to a Party...

That's right! Before we get back into scans from Domino's Sugar Spoon Recipes book, I'd like to send out an awesome invitation* to everyone to be here Sunday, May 1st for my birthday! There's gonna be pie and cake and fun, fun fun, --and I might even let some of you lick the frosting spoon! In the meantime, as the super cute card below states: "Come to a party... the group needs you! Hope you'll be there!" We most certainly do!

*Special thanks to Crafty Pants Carol for the awesome Laurel Cards set, dated 1979 :)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sugar Spoon (PART ONE)

This is just the start of a huge mouthful of posts from this spectacular recipe book, and will likely take us to the end of the month, or not-- we'll see how it goes! But needless to say, this spiral bound collection from the Domino Sugar Bowl Kitchen, aka The American Sugar Refining Company of NY (1962) is simply overflowing with magical recipes and exceptionally adorable key art sprinkled throughout. Hold on to your sugar spoons, cuz AEET is about to go deep into super duper, almost unbearably sweet, ultra mega overload!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It's possibly unintentional, but maybe, juuuust maybe Montgomery Ward had a more playful model and photography edge than most other catalogs of decades gone by. This 1980 xmas catalog I've been highlighting so far all month is a perfect example of "cute", everyday looking kids modeling merchandise and obviously having tons of fun doing it, or sometimes very little fun (see the bummed girl with the juicer), and in some cases even acting like a flat-out obnoxious KOOK! In fact, as you are about to see-- the kookier looking / acting the better! To other larger and less adventurous rival department store catalogs, many of these photos would have most certainly been considered unusable outtakes and wound up on the cutting room floor. Some of these pictures might even seem downright creepy to you ridiculous over reactive types that get easily scared by non-scary things like clowns or tuna aspics. While scanning this post, I could almost hear the catalog editor's ghost still screaming from beyond the dead (retail) grave of no return, "Is this REALLY the best photo we have of this girl with the toy juicer??!! ARGHHH!!!"


"Clowning Around"
by Mr. Cavin

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Fast Food Radios

"Don't try to eat them!" warns the 1980 Montgomery Ward xmas catalog. Tune in to some tasty tunes, with a tasty looking radio! Not sure why the hot dog costs $2 more than the cheeseburger, but it better deliver 100% ALL BEEF ROCK! Enhance this post by clicking HERE and listen to The Detroit Cobras do The Hot Dog! (PLEASE NOTE: Any comments mentioning Jimmy Buffet and a Cheeseburger in Paradise will be immediately discarded in the nearby rubbish bin. Thank You.)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Foot Prisons on Wheels

Talking about roller skating yesterday, the 1980 Montgomery Wards xmas catalog has a few examples to really help paint the picture of the kind of wheeled foot prisons I donned on my Rock Roll-O-Rena rink evenings back in the day in Arnold, MO. That's right, 1980 may have been considered more the disco era, but I guarantee I shot the duck and speed skated my pre-teen (and soon to be punk rock metal head) little brains out to Ace Frehley's radical '78 cover of New York Groove! Let's all skate! Enhance this post by clicking HERE!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Candee Babes

Anyone remember these? Teeny dolls that came in a candy bar shaped case, open it up to find there's a little room inside too! I hope it came with chocolate!

From the 1980 Montgomery Ward xmas catalog-- of course!

Friday, April 8, 2016

KISS vs. The Village People

How awesome is this recently purchased 1980 Montgomery Ward xmas catalog, you still have to ask? This awesome. So which guitar did you want? Choose wisely. Back in the day my friendship with you hinged upon delicate subject matters such as this-- and please note this has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation / preference-- but merely EVERYTHING to do with ROCK & ROLL!!!