Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Philly" Dip Party Handbook

We've already covered the desserts for the big day this week, now it's time for the other important food stuff-- and no, I don't mean the turkey and taters-- I mean the MF'in dips!!! If you've stumbled upon this blog and aren't hip to dips, well today's your lucky day cuz we've got 17 extraordinary ways to flavorfully enhance those chips, shrimps, celery sticks, and Hell, maybe some of you will be dipping your toes into it-- mmm mmm, it's all good! I'm pretty much set on anything that includes Worcestershire sauce in the ingredients, and since that's nearly every recipe here, it's gonna be a tough decision to make cuz OMG they all look amazing! Also amazing here is the fun lay-out of this mid century Philadelphia Cream Cheese booklet itself, (did anyone else know they've been around since 1880??!!) --with cheery little party illustrations and temp-tasty photography that really makes me what to get started on the dip-appetizers NOW!!! Which one will you choose?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Junior Chef

We're stuck on food here in November, and just days away from Thanksgiving! Mom and dad are busy hustling up the menu for Thursday (well, mom is anyway), but what about the kids?! Sears pondered the exact same thing back in the 60's and thus, created the fun line of Junior Chef Baking Mix Sets that came complete with a how-to booklet, utensils, pans and trays, and all kinds of fun little boxed packets of delicious treats to mix 'n make right there in your own kid-chen! Get it? :) I only have the fantastically illustrated booklet and one packet of (unused) vanilla frosting (box art also amazing), but you can see more by googling or searching around eBay-- which is exactly what I did and found the very last image of the super cute lid art at the end of the post! So! Neato! And I'm sooooo ready for cakes, cookies, and pies!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Cakes and Pies

Another great 70's McCall's recipe collection, Book of Cakes and Pies, is 60+ pages of delicious dessert delicacies! Poundcakes, pastries, meringue and cream pies, fruit pies and foam-type cakes--whew! I get the sweats just saying those words in my head! The book is also a wonderful collection of illustrative fun and cuteness from Jean Courtright whose style harkens back to the 50's with loads of smiling faces about to get seriously stuffed with super sugar / carb overload! Yep, you'd be smiling too! We're getting closer to Thanksgiving, what desserts are you guys planning?

Sunday, November 15, 2015


More cute illustrative key art and photography highlight yet another yummy 70's McCall's cook book, this one dedicated to the "Family-Style" meal of making breakfast, lunch, and din-din fun for everyone-- or just for the two of you, or even the dreaded company who are also dieters-- AIEEEE!!! I'll have a few more food related posts coming up next, as we make our way towards Thanksgiving, because yeah, November around here is usually all about food Food FOOD!!! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marshmallow Favors

I overheard a corny conversation the other day in the candy aisle (where I spend a HUGE portion of my life, second only to tra-la-la-ing in the amazing cereal aisle), and here I found someone with a rather boisterous voice / opinion blatantly asserting the most bewildering statement that marshmallows are in fact of course, to quote: "...the most boring candy ever invented." Umm. Pray tell, what would cereal be without marshmallows??!!! I do believe I am going to scream-- arghhhh! Anyway, I'm sure this person meant the larger bagged, fluffy 'n pillowy, and I will agree, less interesting make and model of marshmallow-- BUT!!! This is where todays AEET post comes in, because yes, if marshmallows are of course the most boring candy ever invented, then I say it's time to make them exciting! It's time to ANIMALIZE your marshmallows-- and I don't mean how rock group KISS would do it-- I mean how McCall's did it in the 1974 recipe guide titled "Family-Style Cook Book." Awwww, aren't they cute? OMG who could ever eat Primrose the Piglet?!!!

Friday, November 6, 2015


By now I'm sure everyone has seen the silly/fake "Starring on LOVE BOAT" photoshop hilarity floating around Facebook and wherever else you boils and ghouls haunt the web. I thought I'd join in the fun with my own monster mash-up featuring my favorite horror movie theme-- CREEPSHOW! Might be even more fun to make a contest out of it-- sooooooo anyone with clever ideas on how the stories from the movie would translate if they actually took place on a cruise ship on the high seas gets themselves a FREE copy of HAUNTED HORROR. Have fun, and extra points awarded for anything that makes me wanna barf overboard!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick 'r Treat (bag)

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a super scary/sexy, candy overloaded evening tonight! Here's another vintage trick 'r treat bag from my personal collection to wrap up our October festivities (see another one HERE! and a whole bunch more HERE!) Burn the midnight fires, and don't forget to wipe the blood off the blades before sunrise-- Witchie Poo commands it!